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History and Memory!

Global Server News !

Server Live Open New Rates x10.

Server Downtime Due to low online server goes down to get more time to rise community up.Server Rates goes up to x10.

  • New Patch In order to successfuly server connection is necessary to download new patch.New Patch available to download from download section.

  • Events Update Fully updated list of evets,rewards such as potions,hats,enchants,pets,shadow coupons,extra adena,extra event drop,event items exchange,supprice box`s,lucky box`s and much more available trought top gift box.

  • New Events Some new event drops will occur during next few weeks.Some extra adena,SP Scrolls,fireworks,pollens and medals.Medal event has been updated by some new items.

  • Server WIPE Due to huge amount of bots running rampart all over the world,cheaters using illegal,forbidden software,players reports and huge bot reports e-mails,decided that server must be wiped and installed Full Anti-Cheat/Bot Protection.That is not only one reason why server has been wiped.Castles Sieges belongs to 7sings periods must be updated and fixed.Registration page will be open in next few days.New Patch is required to successful connection,available to download in next few days.Server protection will be activated in next few days.Server maintenance due to this time.

  • Online HIT: 1300 Very welcome all new players who`s joined us.Have a Great Stay !

  • Recover server from Crash ! In Order to connect download new patch !

  • Server has been updated to latest Depmax files availeble on the web.However during update process not whole chars was able to successfuly back up.Server has a new start,all retail features works perfect now.No futher updates or down times.

  • Server is Live ! Enjoy wonderful world of lineage2global world.

  • Account registration is now open - server is ready to be opened however maintenance closed date is 28.06 Remember to read forum server news and announcements !

  • The time is came - Gran opening day for live start is officialy announced by date 28.06.2013 Global server is prepared for live,registration accounts and download patch will be available 1-2 days before server start.Remember to check forum daily !

  • All tests goes nicely and smooth.We`ve got some small gift for firts three clans who`s join us.Special clan area protected by password and banner for best clan board.More informations about, just go straight to visit our forum.

  • We wish to say welcome to everyone ! As far as we can remember the best timeline we had definitely far before newest chronicles took the place.Old dosn`t means worse and we are going to proof that! Our dream is get it all back and make a place exacly same as we had ages ago. New lineage world has been established and soon come up,unfortunately it`s does hard work to get it done.Best gameplay as retail server,that is our goal ! So stay tuned !


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